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3 New Planner Dashboards for this Hot Summer | AMW PLANNER x MY[EARTH]LENS

As it is getting hot and humid in Virginia, where we are located, I am excited to announce that we are adding 3 summer dashboard designs in partnership with MY[EARTH]LENS.

As a creator myself, I believe that when a creator meets another creator, the magic can happen. When my friend, Josh Kerman approached me with the collaboration idea, I knew this would be a great opportunity for me to create something new that I couldn't have come up with by myself. Josh is a photographer behind the MY[EARTH]LENDS.

He has been capturing beauty in this world through his lens and sharing his work on his instagram and Etsy store. For this collab, I picked 3 photos from his gallery and created dashboards that bring your planner a sprinkle of summer.





As I was walking through the jungle in Belize, I noticed a mother bird feeding her babies in a nest nearby. I managed to find a position far enough and close enough to watch the feeding through my lens… What a fascinating interaction. Continuing my walk, I heard the faint sound of howler monkies in the distance, growing louder as I walked along. About ½ a mile later, I encountered a family in the trees above me, curiously peaking down as we noticed each other’s presence.

Capturing these adventures through photography is an exciting way of seeing what's in front of you through a different lens… The best part is that a camera and the human eye see the same thing very differently. The potential to capture just the right moment requires careful thought and technique. The opportunities are magical…

Follow along with my journey in capturing and sharing magical moments of nature and culture, on Instagram @myearthlens. Find my photography available for digital download on Etsy ( or reach out to me directly. I’m happy to share my work in high resolution for use in your own projects, marketing, interior art, and so on.


Josh Kerman

Photographer 🤙


IG: @myearthlens

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