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Elevate Your Every Day with Peaceful Planning


Capturing the essence of Japanese design and stationery culture, offering carefully designed and curated products that resonate with our values.


Committing to provide high-quality planners and stationery that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and functionality.


Offering tools and resources to help customers organize their lives with confidence and purpose.


Arisa launched AMW Planner with a simple desire: to create planners and stationery that not only meet the highest standards of quality but also resonate deeply with those who seek to infuse their daily lives with beauty and purpose.

After moved to the US from Japan for education, frustrated by the lack of options that truly reflected her needs, our founder embarked on a journey to craft the perfect solution.

Inspired by the rich tradition of stationery culture in Japan, we meticulously curate each product in our collection, ensuring that every detail, from the paper quality to the layout design, embodies excellence. Drawing from our founder's firsthand experience and refined taste, we blend timeless elegance with modern functionality to offer planners that inspire creativity, foster productivity, and elevate the everyday.

Konnichiwa 🍵

Hi, This is Arisa.

Since childhood, I've been drawn to the tactile experience of pen and paper. With nine years of dedicated practice in Japanese hard pen calligraphy, I developed a discerning eye for quality paper and a deep appreciation for the art of writing.

Upon moving to the States from Japan for college, I found myself frustrated by the lack of high-quality planners and notebooks available. Throughout my academic years, I struggled to find a planner that met my needs, resorting to creating my own note paper by printing lines on thick paper at the school library.

Every since then, I always made my own planners. One time I was printing my planners at the office of apartment complex I used to live. Then, my husband asked, "Why not sell them?" That's how my business journey began: and YES, I started with using thier printers until thier toner ran out !!

I vividly recall the first person who purchased one of my planners. In that moment, I resolved to share my creativity and passion for stationery with others. To this day, each order fills me with overwhelming gratitude. I am thankful for your presence, for the opportunity to pursue this passion.

My commitment remains unwavering: to stay authentic with my designs and values and to provide the best quality stationery you could possibly get.

With much gratitude. Arigato Gozaimasu (Thank you)

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